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Pitcher Perfect

Get a taste of 5 standout local breweries | By Jessica Dunham It seems like these days every city claims to have a killer craft-brew scene. So what does it take for a pint to stand out from the crowd? A 25-year history, maybe? Beers brewed with hand-picked local grains? Ales brightened with Arizona citrus?… Read more »

Picnics by Starlight

Pack a meal for an evening of live music, movies, family fun, and more | By Jessica Dunham Contrary to popular belief, summer in Phoenix isn’t all about hibernation. You don’t have to hustle from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned building for the next two months (OK, four months) without ever seeing the light of day…. Read more »

Restaurants on the Rail

Ditch the car for your next great meal | By Kathy McMahon Think a car is the only way to get to that restaurant you want to try? Think again. With an established light rail system that adds new stops regularly, the only thing standing between you and your meal is a relaxing ride on… Read more »

Dining Guide

As devotees know, there’s a lot more to shopping than snapping up an item and slapping down a piece of plastic. The shopping experience encompasses everything from diversions such as movie theaters and craft shows to surprises such as live entertainment and rock-climbing walls. The following descriptions aim to capture the ambiance of different shopping… Read more »

Go Retro

Find fun straight from your favorite era | By Jessica Dunham There is no shortage of modern-day fun in Greater Phoenix. You can dine at restaurants featuring the latest culinary trends or take the family on a high-tech indoor/outdoor golf adventure (looking at you, Topgolf). But if you want to slow down the pace and… Read more »

7 Dishes Worth Instagramming

By Nora Burba Trulsson | Photography by Jason Plummer You’re out to dinner, and the server sets down an appealing dish or a lovely cocktail. Just as you’re about to dive in, someone at your table yells, “Wait! Don’t touch it! I have to Instagram it!” Welcome to the new world of dining, where you… Read more »