Headwear Heaven

Heritage Hats | By Paul Morris

Those baseball caps that say one size fits all? They lie! I, for one, have been cursed with an enormous head. (We’re talking melon.) Those caps are useless. Adding to the problem, I’ve been advised by several dermatologists to cover up my head as much as possible. So what’s a fathead to do?

The best solution is to find a trustworthy haberdasher—one who not only will have XXL (7 3/4) hats in stock, but one who also has good fashion taste to steer you toward a hat that will complement your face. After searching through hat stores in New Orleans, Manhattan, Chicago, and even Hong Kong, I’m happy to announce that I can end my search and spend the rest of my life buying my hats right here in town.

Rich Glisson’s Heritage Hats in Phoenix is the largest hat store in the state, with many stylish options: cowboy hats, flat caps, felt fedoras, hiking hats, and a nice selection of top-of-the-line Panama hats. He even has hats that’ll fit melon heads like mine. Chances are good he’ll have just what you need, too.