Fall 2018 – Online Exclusive

Maximum Fun Throwing Sharp Objects with Friends

Test your aim at Tempe’s Lumberjaxes axe throwing lanes | By Paul Morris

Our Canadian cousins have long made a habit of visiting the Greater Phoenix area to enjoy our warm, sunny winters. And slowly they’ve begun importing their cultural items into town. I want to thank them for sharing ice hockey, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Dan Ackroyd, Nanaimo bars, and poutine. Those things have made my life better. And now I see they’ve brought something new: the sport of axe throwing.

On your visit to Lumberjaxes, you’ll have a chance to learn how to throw an axe correctly (and safely) and then, with your friends, challenge each other to a game. You have your own lane and, similar to darts, you toss your axe at a large wooden target, attempting to hit the center of the bull’s-eye. Lumberjaxes features tournaments and a friendly atmosphere. (BYOB, by the way.)

The skill of axe throwing depends on grip, stance, wind-up, and release. It’s actually not that difficult to do, but, of course, requires practice to become accurate. Once you’ve become good with an axe, you can move on to the ninja stars, knives, cards, and Batman batarangs. You might even feel like a lumberjack, relaxing after a day of felling the big trees. And if you’re like me, you might find yourself shouting, “Timber!” from time to time.