Spring/Summer 2018 – Online Exclusive

Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs

Immerse yourself in the past at Scottsdale’s dino zoo | By Paul Morris

What is it about kids and dinosaurs? Children today can rattle off the names, diets, and habits of several dozen different dinosaur species before they begin kindergarten. (Me? At that age, I was still struggling to ride a tricycle.)

But the kids can help us catch up with a visit to Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs. Pangaea brings to mind those happy, wondrous elements of the movie Jurassic Park, with their zoo of 90 full-sized animatronic dinosaurs that roar and swing their heads and tails as you pass by them.

The robotic dinos are realistic, yet friendly and nonthreatening. With the help of your youngsters (as well as informative signage), you’ll soon be learning about Diplodocus, Pterodactyl, Huayangosaurus, Stegosaurus, and, of course, our old friend Tyrannosaurus rex.

Children also have options to dig for fossils, have their faces painted, and jump and climb through an easy obstacle course. Hungry? Check out the kid-friendly restaurant. Need a cool selfie? Climb on the back of a stationary Velociraptor. Want a temporary tattoo of a Spinosaurus? Yep, you can get that, too. Older kids can also drive a small dino cart on an outdoor track, while younger kids can pursue dino arts & crafts projects, producing kid-made souvenirs.

Underlying all this fun is a secret agenda to educate and to expand our knowledge of dinosaurs and their world. (Shhh, just don’t tell the kids they might be learning something. That might spoil their fun.)